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Item #40503

Winchester Model 1873 Loading Tool 44 WCF

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model: Tool
  • Caliber: .44 WCF

  • Description: This is a very seldom-seen cast steel reloading tool for the Winchester Model 1873 rifle in 44 WCF. A marvel for its time these loading tools allowed for the great success of the 1873 rifle in remote areas far from general stores. These early tools are cast steel with sizing die in the lower half of the tool and studs for capping and decapping on the upper arm of the tool; the die does have some light pitting within its cavity. As is so-often the case, the decapping pin is not present (any talented machinist could fabricate a new pin if one wished). There are no vestiges of the original gold paint, the steel is now an overall gray and brown patina with the patent date legible on the front of the top arm as well as 44 WCF along its right side. This tool has had a piece of sheet steel added during the period of use and was professionally fitted and riveted to the tool, partially obscuring the patent date. No cracks or flaws are evident for the need of the repair but it did make for a stout tool. This remains a very good example of these very seldom encountered reloading tools.