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Item #40559

Winchester Model 1873 Third Model Rifle in .32 W.C.F. (Antique)

  • Price: $2,895.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model: 1873
  • Caliber: .32-20

  • Description: Serial #411941, .32 WCF (.32-20), 24" barrel with a good bore that has some traces of light pitting along its length. This is a very nice looking rifle that was built in 1892, and retains 20-30% of the original blue finish that blends smoothly with the mellowed plum-brown patina along the balance, and silvered along the high edges and projections. The barrel and magazine tube have dark spots of pitting near the muzzle, while the cartridge lifter has developed a ruddy-ochre tarnish along the bottom, and a dull yellow on the balance. Faint traces of muted color case-hardening are present on the hammer and lever. The walnut forend and buttstock are in very good condition with numerous minor surface blemishes and handling marks visible throughout, as well as a small triangular chip missing from the tip of the lower wrist tang. The action is solid, and fully functional. This is a splendid looking rifle that rates very good-fine condition overall, and would make a great addition to any collection. Antique