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Item #40177

Winchester Model 1876 Rifle 45-60 Built 1881

  • Price: $3,895.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model: 1876
  • Caliber: .45-60

  • Description: Serial #17037, .45-60 WCF, 26" barrel with a good, bright, lightly pitted bore. This is an 1881-made , 2nd model rifle with the barrel and magazine tube having original blue remaining on protected areas, and the balance of the metal having a mottled plum-brown patina that is fairly uniform across the frame. Some visible traces of original blue are still present, however, and the sideplates have a slightly more gray color. The loading gate has some visible traces of original fire blue remaining, and the brass lifter has a dull yellow-ochre patina. The lever and hammer are mostly mottled gray-brown, and the original ladder rear, and blade front sights are still fitted The walnut forend and buttstock are in very good condition with only minor wear and handling marks throughout the old, added varnish. The action is sound, and fully functional. This is a great looking example of a desirable Model 1876, and is in very good-near fine condition. It would make a wonderful addition to any collection. Antique