Domestic Buyer Instructions

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Ordering Modern Firearms:


Modern firearms (Built post 1898) are subject to US Federal Government Law.  We are a Federal Firearms Licensee and we follow all laws and regulations.  Please do not ask us to work outside of these guidelines.
We ship ALL Modern firearms to a Federal Firearms Dealers License (FFL) or a Curio & Relic Collector License (C&R).  We will need a copy of the license faxed, emailed or mailed.
Fax: 603-732-4200
62 State Route 101A, Ste 7
Amherst, NH 03031

C&R License:

If the firearm is under the C&R guidelines and you are a C&R license holder please feel free to place an order and send us your license for shipment.  You can fax or email a copy of your license Fax is 603-732-4200 or email
WARNING:  If you are a C&R Licensee and you are ordering and/or receiving a firearm for another person ie. a friend, family member please understand you are committing a felony (Straw Purchase) and we are not interested in doing business with you.

Ordering Antique Firearms:

Antiques (Weapons Built Pre 1898) are not considered firearms under U.S.. Law.  This also includes and antique or modern made Flintlock or Percussion ignition weapon.   These firearms require no permit to ship interstate or internationally.
Ordering Ammunition:

You must be 18 or older to purchase ammunition.  A copy of your Drivers license is required to purchase from our website.  You can fax or email a copy.  We ship UPS ground ONLY.  So a physical address is required.  Shipping is usually $10-15 for one box or five.  Depending on where you live.  PLEASE BE WELL AWARE OF YOUR STATE LAWS BEFORE ORDERING.   We DO NOT ship ammunition to individuals in New York State.


Warning - Purchasers assume all liability contingent to the use of any firearms, ammunition and other merchandise purchased from All items are sold as antiques or collectibles.  All of our firearms are real, working and untested weapons unless otherwise mentioned in the description.   We highly recommend that you have the any firearm inspected by a gunsmith before firing or chambering live ammunition.  Email or call with any questions.